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The business was started in 1967 as a part time venture with myself and Speed Roberts. We wanted money to race on so after working on cars and machinery during the day, we fixed up CORVAIRS and VW's at night. Soon we were inundated with CORVAIR repair and the constant offers to buy or even take for free, CORVAIRS sitting in people's yards. By 1970 we decided to go full time with the shop. In the late 1970s the shop seemed destined to decline, mostly because of GM's role in discontinuing lots of parts. Luckily the two nationally known vendors (Underground and Clarks) began reproducing parts plus the interest in the CORVAIR seemed to be gaining popularity. On the unlucky side, Speed was injured in a traffic accident and we dissolved the partnership in 1981. I have continued on by myself and today the shop is still busy.

Through all of the years REAR ENGINE has been involved in CORVAIR powered midget open wheel race car, various dune buggy and kit car projects and v8 builds as well as the normal maintenance that the CORVAIR seems to need on a regular basis.


REAR ENGINE SPECIALISTS, INC. offers in part the following services:

  • General CORVAIR repair and maintenance
  • Stick transmission rebuilding
  • Differential rebuilding
  • V8 transaxle rebuilding
  • Engine rebuilding, from stock to __?__
  • Turbocharger repair and rebuilding
  • Cylinder head repair and rebuilding
  • Late Model rear wheel bearing rebuilding including ULTRA VAN
  • PLUS lots of parts in stock for the do-it-yourselfer and helpful advice if needed

I am a member of CORSA, Rocky Mountain Corvair Club, Pikes Peak Corvair Club and Manx Owners Club #299.