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"Forced Induction" has intrigued me since reading the car magazines of the 50s. Names like POTVIN, LATHAM, PAXTON and Judson and then the newer exhaust driven superchargers served to whet my appetite for going faster. When the OLDS F-85 and then the CORVAIR Spyder arrived, I couldn't wait to see them. The engine bay and the accessories inside the 1962 Spyder left such an impression on me that not only do I still have that 1962 Spyder, but I strain to listen to the exhaust tone of every turbo engined car that I see on the road.


My 1962 Spyder pictured here is on its' second engine, larger than the original 145ci. When I got the car in 63,1 immediately ordered an Offenhauser oil pan and IECO quick steering arms and installed them on the car. Both pieces are still on the car today, 370,000 miles later. The turbo has been changed to an "F” flow compressor and a “B” flow exhaust housing. After trying several carburetors I returned to the YH and machined the venturi to 1.4375". 


I changed the differential case to a 64 in 1966 and not only added the traverse spring but also changed the front suspension to a 64 for the larger sway bar. Jn 19681 added the 1965 sway bar; larger in diameter than the 64. I followed the trend through the years of first changing the 3L55-1 ring/pinion for a 3.89-1 and then the other way to 3.27-1; everyone learned that "loading" the turbo made more sense than spinning the dickens out of the engine. I finally found a 3.08-1 but then 1st gear in the 64-5 transmission was too long when I was stuck in traffic on mountain roads. I then found an early FC 4 speed with the 4.26-1 first gear and have used that transmission since.

This 1966 turbocharged CORSA coupe with lots of custom features is owned by Jim Richards. He conceived the idea for the car in the 1970s and started on the body mods in the mid 1980s, in addition to the spoilers, air dams, frenched tail lights, single head lights much more, the interior features Mazda 626 seats and an instrument panel with 11 gauges.


Rear Engine Specialists, Inc built the 180 turbo engine with higher compression heads and also did the extra wiring and much of the assembly of the car. Jim won several 1st in mild Custom class trophies with the car and drove it extensively during the 1990s.

Rear Engine Specialists, Inc lent a hand to Marcus Miller with his JUDSON equipped 1964 convertible. The car was his fathers and Marcus is still driving it today. You can see his car at: